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BEUCHAT LYNX Silicon Maske
Very small internal volume
Great field of vision with clear upward view
Outstanding comfort
Optimum hydrodynamics
Stealth design
Distinctive look
Super low volume mask with a great field of vision
The Lynx has been designed to contain a minimum volume of air while offering an extra-large field of vision. The Lynx is the ideal mask for deep and/or repeated free diving sessions.
Improved comfort for greater pleasure
The very small internal volume of the Beuchat Lynx mask significantly reduces the amount of effort needed to equalise pressure.
This makes the mask more comfortable, and increases the pleasure of your spearfishing or free diving sessions.
The strap has a wide rear support band and a micro-adjustment system for closer fitting, better grip and greater comfort.
The silicon skirt combines comfort with a close fit for a perfect seal. In addition, the mask’s grainy texture helps prevent the fingers slipping during adjustment and during pressure equalisation manoeuvres.
Optimum hydrodynamics 
Rim designed to offer very low resistance in the water. The mask’s improved hydrodynamics make a real difference both when descending in free diving and while swimming on the surface.
Stealth mask
The Beuchat Lynx mask is designed to incorporate sharp edges and curves to beak up the silhouette in the same way as a stealth aircraft. Additionally, the grainy surface on the skirt of the mask reduces light reflection and makes it even harder to detect.
Distinctive look 
The design of the Lynx mask is so distinctive that would not look out of place in a superhero movie.
Skirt Width (mm)120 mm
Weight (gr)155 gr
StandardCE certified – EN 250

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